Traveling to Beirut is easier than you might think

It’s super easy to catch a direct flight to Beirut from Copenhagen, Athens, Doha, Istanbul, Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Dubai and a bunch of other cities. It’s also easy to change at one of the big airports like Istanbul or Paris.

For you who prefer to travel more a bit more climate-friendly, we suggest you take the train as far as possible and only fly the last bit. Trains and boats are unfortunately not an option at the moment. The flight from Istanbul, Turkey or Athens, Greece is less than 2 hours.

The airport is located in the city and it takes between 20-40 minutes to get to the city center depending on traffic. The taxi costs approx 20 USD.

There are plenty of great hotels and Airbnb’s in Beirut

On the fancy end -> Albergo Hotel
Guest houses -> Villa Clara + Baffa House
A selection of Airbnb’s -> More than a bed
Budget hotel -> Hamra Urban Gardens

Getting around

Taxi: Hail a taxi on the street.

Uber: Works like a charm in Beirut.

Commuting: Busses in Beirut are small but many, this is a very cheap way to get around town.

Walking: Beirut is most of the time a beautiful city to walk around in. Some areas are lacking sidewalks and can be heavily trafficked. Bring comfy shoes and be prepared to hail a taxi or get on a bus for some distances.

Mobile: Depending on where you’re from, roaming can be expensive. Tourist plans with data etc are available in stores all over town.

Almost everyone in Lebanon is trilingual and speaks Arabic, English and French, it’s very easy to talk to people!

The venues

Hours Beirut take place in multiple locations all over town. The main venue for the seminar day is the campus of the Antwork co-working space. There’s a garden, a rooftop, a kitchen, the world's smallest cinema and an auditorium. What else to expect.

The 12 hour sound experience on the last day takes place at the Zoukak Studio. A multifaceted culture space that host performances concerts and the Zoukak Theatre Company.


Mmm, there are some practical things to think about

You might need a visa to enter Lebanon, for many nationalities you can get it at the border. Find out what applies to your nationality here.

Cash is king in Lebanon even though you can pay with credit card on many places. Bring some USD upon entry for your taxi ride from the airport. If you pay with USD, you will most of the time get the change back in Lebanese pounds.