A three day exploration in the space between business and culture

Hours Beirut is a three-day rocket aimed to utilize the energy of a city, the energy of convening a group of humans and a digestive meditative sound experience. The overarching goal is to boost creative and empathetic undertakings. It’s a day of city exploration, a day of talks and a day of music.

Hours Beirut is designed to shine light on perspectives outside of our everyday sight. To twist and bend topics of relevance in our beautiful, yet fucked up, world. To provoke new feelings by intellectual as well as emotional experiences.

Hours Beirut is organized in close relationship with our friends Nathan Larson and Ziad Nawfal who are producing the 12 hours seamless music experience Lumen Project/Ruptured on June 15. It’s included in our program because we believe it’s a good way to open the mind and the senses, get a different perspective on how music/art can act as a unifying and healing force, as well as digesting thoughts and feelings that arise during the seminar.


Curated and organized by

We’re an international team with experience from organizing seminars and events in our respective city as well as being the host for big convenings like Beirut Design Week, Frontiers - design and innovation and The Conference.

If you have and questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hej@hoursbeirut.com


Special thanks to

Design and site:
All the Way to Paris (Mashiho Kameda, Mahmud Sahan, and Petra Olsson Gendt)
Patrik Hjelm

City Exploration:
Romy Assaouad + TLB Destinations
Mona Hallak, Amira Solh, Syndi Hallaj, Nada Debs, Plan Bey, Gaby Jamal

Seminar venue:
Antwork + crew

Monica Basbous (Public works, Beirut)
Arianne Orillac, IDEO, London)
Laura Houston (City University, London)
Maya Terro (Food blessed, Beirut) 
Dominique Fularski, (IKEA, Älmhult)
Nicolas Sera-Leyva, (SMEX, Beirut)
Jillian C. York (Electronic Frontiers Foundation, Berlin) 
Liane Al Ghusain (Writer, Kuwait)
Nathan Larson (Lumen Project, Malmö)

Workshop hosts:
Arianne Orillac (IDEO, London)
Sabine Choucair (Clown me in, Beirut)
Josef Conning (Augur, Stockholm)

Manal Massoud, Moaz Habli, Jihad Bitar, Marie-Carmel Eckert, Zawarib, Eatable plate, Swedish Embassy in Beirut

Ziad Nawfal, Nathan Larson and everybody at Beirut Drone '19.

And most of all, the participants who made these days something extra ordinary 

Thank you a million!

Want to be involved? Don’t hesitate to reach out